East & West Molesey

A Dictionary of Local History

Rowland G. M. Baker, 1972

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Molesey Boat Club was formed at a meeting held in the Prince of Wales Hotel on 28th April 1866. The first Molesey Amateur Regatta was held under its auspices the following year, although a regatta of some sort had been held here annually for many years before this. In 1873 the club handed over the management of the regatta to a separate committee specially organised for the purpose, which has run the regatta ever since. The first clubhouse was built in 1866 on Ash Island. The present clubhouse on the Tow Path was constructed as a memorial to Mr. J.A. Milner, for many years secretary to the Regatta Committee. It was opened on 22nd June 1901.

Besides the Molesey Amateur Regatta, there were held here during the summer months in the last century, a Molesey Boat Club Regatta, for members of the club only; a Molesey Watermen's and Fishermen's Regatta, for professional watermen; and a Molesey Invitation Regatta, which was really a water frolic with novelty races, canoes and coracles.

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