East & West Molesey

A Dictionary of Local History

Rowland G. M. Baker, 1972

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The road to Esher and Thames Ditton was originally a continuation of Bell Road leading across Cow Common (see Roads). Where this road crossed the river Mole was a ford. In 1790 the lords of the manor were allowed to enclose a piece of East Molesey Common on condition that they constructed a bridge for pedestrians by the side of the ford and kept it in repair in perpetuity. The bridge was entirely rebuilt in 1890. In 1914 the responsibility for its repair was assumed by the urban district council on payment of a lump sum by the lords of the manor. This money was invested and is now administered by the Esher U.D.C. In the 1950s as part of a flood prevention scheme involving the straightening and deepening of the river the old wooden bridge was taken away and replaced by an elegant pre-stressed concrete structure. As the bridge was beside the tannery it became known as "Tanners Bridge".


The investment formerly administered by Esher U.D.C. is now in the hands of Elmbridge Borough Council.

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