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The Tash Family

The Tash family lived in a large estate called Delafield Park at Iver, in Buckinghamshire(51), and although they were now to own Fords for the next sixty years or so, there appears no evidence to show that any of the family ever took up residence.

Hatton Tash was only fifteen years of age when he inherited Fords, He died in 1727, and it passed to his son George, and from him to his (George's) uncle and cousin, both of whom were called George. The fact that three people called George Tash owned the property has sometimes caused confusion, but their relationship can be ascertained from the family tree.

One reason why no member of the Tash family lived in the house was probably due to a clause in William Hatton's will, by which they were empowered to rent the property out, but stipulating that the full improved rent was to be obtained, and that the leases were not to exceed twenty-one years(50).

The story of Fords for the first half of the eighteenth century, therefore, becomes one of a series of tenants. Nevertheless, it includes some very interesting people.

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