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A Beauty of Surrey

In 1849 a writer called William Keene visited Boyle Farm and described the estate in a book published in that year, which he called "The Beauties of Surrey". His portrayal is so interesting that it is given here verbatim.

"Boyle Farm, the seat of Sir Edward Sugden, is situated on the south bank of the river Thames. Proceeding a short distance from the lodge gates, with a cottage embosomed in the grove on the left, the fine old mansion, with its antiquated fronts and sides, surmounted with gables and embattled walls, is seen to advantage. The eastern wing was covered with magnolias and climbing plants of various sorts; on the right, at a short distance, is a greenhouse, fifty-seven feet long by twenty-one wide, gay with tulips, hyacinths, and other forced flowers to be seen at that season. Passing round to a walk, that may be called a terrace-walk, seventy yards long, on the bank of the river, lovely views are displayed up and down, and over the water to Hampton Court Park and Palace. Turning to the right, through groups of trees and evergreen shrubs to a thicket on a high mound covered with evergreens, with small shady walks opening on plots of flower gardens, and devious paths leading I know not wither, winding my way out by a course that I cannot describe, I alighted upon a Summer-house, with a very pretty museum attached:
the curiosities were both instructive and amusing. The pleasure grounds may be reckoned between six and seven acres. Mr. Viney is head gardener" (257).

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