Public Houses in East & West Molesey

Rowland G. M. Baker, 1981

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Island Farm Road, West Molesey


With the growth of the West Molesey Industrial Estate, and the increased housing development in the south-western corner of the parish, a deficiency in licensed facilities became increasingly apparent in this part of Molesey. The factory staffs wanted somewhere to eat and drink at the mid-day break, their managers wanted a place to take clients out to lunch, and the residents wanted a local for their evenings out.

To fill all these gaps a new public house was erected by Messrs Fuller, Smith and Turner, of Chiswick Brewery, and ceremonially opened by the Rev. W.A.J. Yeend, vicar of West Molesey, on 13 December 1974 [150].

The house is named "The Surveyor" in deference to the designers of the building, the Survey House Group, whose head office occupies the next block [151]. The most striking feature of the front fašade is a massive brick panel, dominated by a relief figure of a surveyor, complete with donkey jacket and protective helmet, peering through a theodolite.

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