Public Houses in East & West Molesey

Rowland G. M. Baker, 1981

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Walton Road, East Molesey


The first request for a publican's license for the New Inn was made by a James Tickner in 1855, but was refused by the magistrates. Having spent a lot of capital on the premises, and being unable to recoup his expenditure by opening it as an inn, Mr. Tickner was forced to raise some immediate cash on the security of the house. Which, it seems, he was unable to repay. Whereupon the mortgager foreclosed and he was ejected.

The following year the new owner, James Comely, tried again to get a license for the house. To prove that it was a building of some consequence it was emphasised that it stood on the main road, and had been erected at a cost of 1,500. The usual petition was submitted by the applicant, and was signed by the usual array of people. There was also a letter from the Rev. C. Woodward, curate of East Molesey, recommending Mr. Comely as a fit and proper person. This time the license was granted [115].

In 1872 the inn was put up for auction. From the sale description we can get a good idea of the premises at that time: "The Freehold Tavern, known as the New Inn, recently erected and replete with every convenience, well situate at the junction of Church and Walton-roads, in the village of East Molesey, comprising on the ground floor, commercial room, coffee room, parlour, lobby, tap room, bar, bar parlour, kitchen, wash-house, pantry, W.C., and coal cellar. On the first floor, six bedrooms, sitting room, club room, W.C., and room over shop. In the rear is a large garden, in which is a club or dining room, and sheds fitted up as loose boxes. There are front and side entrances. This New Inn and premises are in the occupation of Mr. Bowers. Adjoining the Inn in Walton-street (sic) is a shop; next thereto is a corn chandlers shop, with three rooms in the rear, as let to Mr. Wells; and adjoining is a large shop, recently used as a boat building shop. The whole of the trade and other fixtures will be included in the purchase" [116].

Licensees during the nineteenth century:-

1857 - James Comely

1858 - William Penn Francis

1859 - Maria Ann Francis

1861 - John W. Comely

1862 - Charles Buck

1865 - William Bowers

1891 - Walter Henry Scudds

1895 - George Bard

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