East & West Molesey

A Dictionary of Local History

Rowland G. M. Baker, 1972

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A nursing home for local people was founded as a private charity by the Dowager Lady Barrow, and opened in May 1890 in a house called Waverley Cottage, next to the Methodist Church, in Manor Road. On 27th February 1892 a public meeting was held to appoint a committee to take over the running of the home and the raising of funds. In October 1894 the Home was transferred to 55 Pemberton Road and renamed the "East and West Molesey and Hampton Court Cottage Hospital". It had eight beds and one cot. In 1936 the former Isolation Hospital in High Street, West Molesey, established by the old Molesey Council, but no longer required for that purpose, was sold to the Cottage Hospital for the nominal sum of 1,000, and the hospital was transferred to these premises. The 1,000 required was donated by Mr. H. Wesley, of The Wilderness. It was run as a voluntary hospital and served by honorary medical staff. Funds were raised by donations, "Pound Days", and the "Molesey Carnival", which developed out of an annual parade of Friendly Societies and a sports day. In 1948 the hospital was merged into the National Health Service.

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