East & West Molesey

A Dictionary of Local History

Rowland G. M. Baker, 1972

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Several small charities have now been consolidated and are administered collectively. These are the charities of: Henry Smith, silversmith of London, died 1627, a rent charge from land in Sussex, to be paid to the poor; Dame Anne Clarke, widow of Sir James Clarke lord of the manor, died 1712, a rent charge on property in London now part of the Law Courts, about 17 a year for the poor; John Grisdell, farmer of East Molesey, died 1772, 50 to provide 20 loaves for poor each Christmas Day; Thomas Willett, tanner of East Molesey, died 1781, the interest on 100 to be paid to the poor each Christmas Day; John Winkins, of East Molesey, died 1787, the interest on 150 whereof 3 to the poor and 1.10.0 to the parish clerk (see also Schools). In 1872, after the division of the parish into two ecclesiastical districts, the Charity Commissioners approved a scheme whereby the above charities were appointed between the two and provision made for the appointment of trustees.

William Hatton, of East Molesey, who died in 1705, left the rent of some property in London to provide six rugs (blankets) to the value of fifteen shillings each to be given to six poor householders wanting bedclothes from either Thames Ditton, East Molesey, West Molesey, or Kingston Upon Thames. Thomas Kemp, bricklayer, died 1730, left the rent of some property in West Molesey, to be given to the young men of East Molesey "to ring and make merry with on the 6th August yearly, in memory of the donor". This convivial ceremony was carried out until about 1810.

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